How do I play some bots in order to get a rank?

I know how to play, but I don’t know my rank or rating. I would like to play a bot or bots that will give me a rating. How do I do that? I have not played any games on this website.


if you wish correct rank, play humans


for bots click “computer” here

It won’t play me because there is too much difference in our ratings, but I don’t even have a rating, and I don’t know what the bot’s rating is?

if you click its name, there will be list of bots with ranks seen

But OGS actually gives new account rank somewhere in between that changes very fast.
So maybe you will have to play human (or too strong bot)
(25k - 10k are weaker, 9k - 1k stronger, 1d - 9d VERY STRONG)

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Thank you.

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When you start playing ranked, you have a provisional hidden rank in the middle (like 12k or 6k, forgot which one now) and to be ranked your game has to be against an opponent not too far from this rank.
This provisional rank will evoluate quickly according to your wins and losses and later, like after 5 to 10 games around will be your visible rating and rank.

To get quicker your rank you can play small board (9x9), the value for rating is the same as on a 19x19


Your dilemma is a known problem that has been discussed in another thread, so don’t feel bad about it. Your provisional rank is 6k, and you can’t play a ranked game against a bot more than 9 stones away. So you need to play bots that are 15k or stonger. You can also play humans, but some will not want to play a provisional player and may throw the game, which would cause you to get airbagged (over-ranked), also an annoying problem.


In your (unique) game you won a 14k player, It’s a good start :wink:
Rating is a numerical value which determine your rank. The ladder starts at 25k( full beginner) going up to 1k (kyus) then 1d to 9d (dans, strongest players)
The rank is shown just after the name, to answer your question in the game.

Looking at this game only, my guess is your rank is somewhere between 7k and 12k so by playing around these levels you should get interesting games and unhide your ranking quickly.
(Made a short review in your game)


To obtain a ranking in the shortest time possible, a mix of wins against weaker players AND losses to stronger players will greatly help the system hone in on your best starting rank :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, guys. I have now played 10 9X9 games against different bots. My rank is now shown as 8k. I don’t think of myself as that strong of a player. Are the bot ratings inflated?

The bots get their rank from playing games just like other players.

That said, they have unstable ranks due partly to the way some of them play, and due to players hitting them in one way or another.

The best way to get a representative rank is to play other people - an even mix of stronger and weaker people than you.

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Don’t worry too much about the number. If you’re winning some games and losing some games, then your rank is ballpark correct.