How Do I Search For A Player Name?

Ahm, how do I search for a player name? Can’t find out in the new UI.

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This seems entirely unrelated to the topic, so a mod should probably split it, but if you click the three-horizontal-line menu button at the top-left of the OGS site, there’s a search bar at the top of the slide-out panel.


Thanks, @pbgarden, done _/\_

1. Click the OGS logo

2. Enter username

3. Click on found username


FWIW, although this seems so totally obvious when you know it, I also couldn’t find it without asking even after the split (IE how it is right now).

The “search” box is just doesn’t stand out.

Something for OGS UI designer to think about. A trivial improvement would be to make it an actual box (like usual browser search box looks like) and put a magnifying glass next to it.


Agreed. I don’t know if I would have ever figured out how to search for a player if I hadn’t dug up this post. Even just changing the words “Search” to “Search for Player” might help.


you will find a menu bar located in the top left corner. click it, and type the user you want to look for on a search bar near the top.

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Indeed. I had to unearth this thread scrolling down the forum archives to find out. +1 for the actual box and the magnifying glass. Remember some of us were born in the 20th century, and even before the Web :wink:


FWIW, this forum also has a search box in the top right (it’s the magnifying glass) where you can search for threads that contain key words :slight_smile:


FWIW there is a PR for this now:


I couldn’t finded this while didn’t readed this topic.
That how be to find players by name you must be find a player search panel. :slight_smile:

… which now has a wonderful magnifying glass drawing your attention to it!

(And you might also not know that you can search for other things using that panel, too - tournaments, groups …)