How do I set time when I want the game to to finish within a time frame?

I want to create correspondence games what will end within specific timeframe, say 2 or 3 weeks. How do I set this up in my settings?

Generally, how do I estimate how long a 19x19 correspondence game will take with certain settings?

Use time control absolute and then enter half the total time you want the game to run.

EG. absolute 7days per person = maximum of 2 weeks for the game (obviously they can end sooner)

How would I do this with Fischer time control?

use time increase = (week for example)/300 moves

I don’t think you can set Fischer at OGS for a game that finishes in 2 weeks.

The shortest Fischer interval is 4 hours, so that means 8 turns total per day. I reckon a more realistic average turns per game is about 200, so at 8 turns per day thats 25 days.

The interesting thing is that 4 hours between turns, and 8 turns per day, sounds like “fast” for correspondence, but its easy to overlook that it is 4 hours between all turns, so that is only one turn every 8 hours for each person IE only 4 turns per day per person.

If you are playing with someone quite prompt, this just isn’t fast enough, so I reckon we could certainly do with at least twice that fast as an option.

I’d definitely rather have faster Fischer than have to worry about managing a fixed time for the game.

Do keep in mind that regular humans need to sleep at some point in their day.

Yes, but that’s what Fishcher is good for.

If you have (as I am now doing) Fischer at 1day plus 4 hours per turn then you have a bank of 1 day which you fill up with the turns that you play.

You actually only need to overlap with your opponent enough to play two or three turns in a row to “earn” enough time back in the Fischer bank to check out for 8-12 hours sleep.

So it’s perfect for people like me who can’t quite yet deal with the commitment of live (you can’t really leave the game during “live”) but want games to tick along at a good pace.

That’s precisely the point I was trying to underline before, actually: at first I was wary of the lower time Fischer way of doing things because “A turn every 4 hours” sounds scary. But it totally isn’t, it’s great. For a start, 1d play 4h per turn is for both players, so for each individual player there are on average 8 hours between turns.

Uninstinctive! But great!


I guess for how you play it works well :slight_smile: I too can’t really commit to live games yet but because I have so many games going at once I find the faster correspondence games just a little extra stressful :stuck_out_tongue: I’m quite fond of 2d+1 up to max 3 or 7 but since you only play one game at a time I can understand how that would feel pretty slow. Works out quite nice when you have 10+ games going though :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a time setting “Absolute” (between “Fischer”, "Byo-Yomi" & co.) ,
there you can set from 15 minutes to 4 hours, when you selected “Live” as well and
7 days to 28 days when you selected “Correspondence

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This group was created for that specific purpose:

In fact, I already created a tournament that begins next week:

2d+8h looks like a good choice, but of course you can use this group to experiment with other time controls. Absolute was used in the past, and turned out a bit tricky, but hey, we can give it another chance :slight_smile: