How do I turn off e-mail notifications?

Every time I start a game and/or start a tournament I recieve an e-mail saying that a game or tournament has started. Does anyone know how I can turn these notifications off?

Hello @mortenand,

click or this link:, then look here:

HTH, Tom


Why do you think I asked? Why would you think that unchecking any of those options would work? I have tried everything in that “Notification Preferences” area. I still get an email everytime I start a game or a tournament.
Can you tell me which one of those options I should untick?

Let’s take it down a notch. @trohde is trying to help you. You didn’t specify that you had already tried those settings. Maybe lead with that instead of being rude to people trying to help you with incomplete context.


I thought everybody would understand that I had offcourse tried all those options at first. Thats why I replied the way I did. I know I should try everything before I ask questions in the forum.
I have one more problem. No matter what game challenge I accept, I get the same opponent. Is it being rude to to ask about that?

Part of asking a good question is stating what you have already tried by yourself. This shows not only that you don’t need to be told about these possible solutions, but also that you have done your part and checked the obvious things before putting out the call for help.

This is not a matter of course. Lots of people would rather ask first and let the internet do the thinking for them.

I can’t help with the actual problem - sorry about that.


Ok.Thanks for answering. I’ll try to untick all desktop notifications, Whatever they have to do with email notifications.
Still got the problem with the same opponent no matter what. Strange

We do have a display issue in the information box when accepting an open challenge where it will always display a previous opponent (even though the opponent you are playing is actually different) This happens if you are reusing the tab when accepting games… we’re working to fix that issue.

As I said, it only appears as though it were the same person though it is not, in fact, the same person.


Will anyone answer this question?
I have similar problem - I keep getting those notifications. There is no option for email notifications on the given list. Which one should I uncheck?

I also want to know which I have to uncheck to disable email notifications… Please help. May you please add info in the notifications section like:
Starting Tournament [via eMail]
or something…


@Nysenox: Depends on which notifications you mean:

For groups you‘re a member of you need to visit the group page. An example:

And for the other ones visit and see on the right side.

HTH, Tom