How do you create an ai game?

I’m relatively new to GO and am struggling to create an ai game. When I create the match it then goes to the board waiting for opponent screen. So how do I create an AI game? Screenshots would be useful.

Waiting for game to begin screen

I would strongly discourage you from playing the only online bot at the moment, as it is a 1kyu/1dan and you won’t learn anything from playing it.

But if you want to odds are you are doing it correctly but…

9x9 temporarily disabled, sorry.

For live games, a minimum of 1 minute byo-yomi is required. Any challenges with < 1 minute byo-yomi will be automatically rejected.

keep that in mind when making a game with it

There is also this on the open challenge pop up window click the top left corner icon and change it to computer.

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Thanks. Yeah, I was mostly just going to test some moves but since the bot is really weak I think I’ll just wait until we get some stronger bots.

1kyu/1dan isn’t weak at all. Its very strong actually. The ranks go as such with 30kyu being the weakest.

30kyu-1kyu 1dan-9dan

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Why not test them in a game against a player? Seems to me that would be more useful anyway.

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