How do you deal with blunders?

How do you reduce number of blunders in your game? Is there any special techniques that can be applied? Some games of mine are ruined, because of something simple, like playing self-atari or missing atari from opponent. And every time I’m baffled how I couldn’t notice that. Perhaps it has something to do with mental stamina? Like my brain gets tired too soon?

Related questions: how do you move on from a game like this? It seems like these games will haunt me forever, like they got burnt into my memory.


Most of my blunders come from overlooking a situation. It is not running out of mental stamina as much as (for me) laziness of the brain. I find I blunder more in a winning situation than a losing one. This is why I now spend as much time thinking as possible. Especially in byo yomi, even if a move looks super obvious, read and read again! Don’t put a stone down unless it is the last three seconds of your period! Playing this way forces the brain to think of every move in detail, and I rarely make blunders since.

Depending on the seriousness of the blunder, usually it calls for a swift resignation. But hey, it’s not the end of the world. It may be frustrating right then, but come back tomorrow and I can laugh at what a silly sausage I was. I am relaxed because someone on OGS linked this video. If a professional does it, I feel much better about myself doing the same. We are all humans :smiley:


It’s interesting - I recall early advice “don’t freak out” and that’s usually how I try to approach it.

I’m a beginner, so blunders are frequent and I get good practice at trying to recover. I don’t think immediate resignation after a blunder is really the best for either. Resignation comes when it’s clearly demonstrated that there is no recovery. But it’s suprising how often an opponent makes an equivalent blunder, and you can claw back a respectable outcome…

I don’t think immediate resignation after a blunder is really the best for either

Of course not, which is why I said it all depends on how serious your blunder is :slight_smile: If the situation is at all recoverable, then by all means, kick yourself in the head (figuratively) and play on!

I probably misunderstood your comment “it calls for a swift resignation”.

The remarkable thing I’ve found is that things that have seemed like enormous blunders in the instant that you realised do turn out to be recoverable if you can mentally move on…

I do so get ur point. After having a belly full of my blunders I studied past games and discerned about 12 mistakes I routinely made. All of which cost me games I could have won. Before I move (only works on correspondence games when you have time) Now before I move i go thru my checklist. No more blunders (tho may may not play smartly but ended the blunders) When I do make blunders (rarely now) it’s bez I got in hurry and didn’t go thru list. If ur interested send me text and I’ll respond.