How does cancellation work?

New to OGS, I am mainly playing correspondence games.

In the past 24 hours, 5 of my games got cancelled. Why and how did this happen?

I couldn’t find any information about cancellation in the docs or forums.


Hello and welcome to OGS!

If the game was not long enough (like 19 moves or so on 19x19), you can cancel it. There’s a button labeled “Cancel” instead of the “Resign” button. I think that canceled games are annulled.


Correct, before you reach [n] moves on [n]x[n] boards you can cancel a game and it will be annulled.

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ok, now I see this option, thanks!

Sorry to reopen an old thread, I was going to create a new topic asking about this but it makes sense to me to keep all the information in one place.

My question is why the cancellation window is so high? I can understand having maybe 2-4 moves where you can cancel but going all the way up to [n] moves on [n]x[n] boards seems excessive.
Quite often you can tell by move 19 that you’re a bit behind and then just dodge the game costing your opponent time and a win and generally just frustrating everyone.

Has there ever been any consideration towards maybe having a smaller cancellation window?


On, the window has always been 10 (or 9?) ply, no matter the game.

still feels a tad high for my liking but much better than 19… I feel like anything higher than 5-6 is unnecessary

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