How Does OGS Implement Superko?


Does anybody know how OGS handles Superko? What implementation does it use? Positional, Situational, Natural Situational, or Fixed?


New Zealand Rules Are Actually Closer To Tromp-Taylor

It is fairly trivial to do the experiment, no?

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It seems silly that I didn’t consider testing this myself. I have now tested it. I’m pretty sure my review shows that NZ uses Positional Superko. Play begins at Move 20. I was unable to find an example of Situational Superko on Sensei’s Library. I understand on paper how they differ. But I’m still trying to wrap my head around what it looks like on the board.


  1. Can anybody verify this SGF is proof of Positional Superko?
  2. Also, does anybody know of an example of Situational Superko that I could test out?


This discussion might be helpful



I’ve proven, without a doubt, that New Zealand utilizes Positional Superko here on OGS. Actual NZ rules utilize Situational Superko.

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