How does one cancel "site supporter"?

Unfortunately, I have to end my kyu level site supporter. But I can’t find anything in my Settings or Profile where I can cancel. I searched this topic, but can’t find a thread on it. I tried to message anoek, but can’t find how to create a message. Sigh…

I’ve a cancel button on the supporter page.



Maybe it is my computer, because I have no button on my screen. I’m using Chrome.

Which payment method are you using?

Can you take a look at, what the payment_vendor is?


Works for me on Chrome normally as well, and if you cannot find it there you should be able to cancel any automatic payment directly on Paypal. Was it not a one off payment by any chance?

To PM anoek, you can just search his name like any other user on the OGS game page (numpad 0 for shortcut), click on the name and press message, but I have let him know to check out the thread when he is online.


Thanks all. I’m using my work computer and it has been known to disable some extensions and/or just run so slowly (teeny tiny bandwidth) that we don’t always see everything. For example, Youtube video? Not happening.

I can see the first few lines of the payment vendor screen. the last line it shows is “recurring_donations”

I’m using PP. I wanted to cancel through here before doing it through PP. Seems “rude” to do it that way. :wink:

like this?

    "is_supporter": true,
    "recurring_donations": [ ]

In this case, was it a one time payment by any chance?

Hi @IronMike, I’ve canceled your subscription - thanks for the support you were able to give!


Thanks anoek! Sorry I had to cancel after only a few months. :frowning:

Any support we receive is very gratefully received, there are no expectations and certainly no need to apologise :heart: we thank you sincerely for every little bit