How does the 5 min timeout timer work?

I see people having the 5 minute timer when they leave but many times they lost myy timeout within a few seconds.

Also, does this mean every time they disappear, they get to have a free 5 minutes? All I have to do to get a new 5 minutes is to leave for a bit? Very abuseable it seems.

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the 5 min timer kicks in if one player closes the window or loses connection to the server. This timer is separate and does not pause the game clock, so there is no gain in doing this deliberately.

This I do not quite understand. This should only happen if they leave or lose connection with very little time remaining on the game clock. Otherwise they should have the full 5 minute window to connect back.

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The thing is that escape timers always say “X won by resignation” and the message hiryuu seems to be getting is “X won by timeout”…

So, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s because your opponent only had a few seconds left on their timer, and since the escape clock doesn’t stop the regular clock, they ran out of time on their normal clock.

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Yeah, unless there is some hidden deeper issue/bug that is the only explanation I can think of. It just sounds strange that it would happen often…

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Blitz time/byo yomi?

ok. but then what purpose does it serve? i thought it was installed specifically to give people a chance to reconnect as opposed to the insta time-out for accidentally closing a window we had before?

It’s for cases where a troll or a bad sport quits the game (instead of resigning) while there is still lots of time on the clock. To prevent abuse, where someone would disconnect to get more thinking time, it doesn’t stop the main clock.