How does the puter determine one's rank?

…Is it by the points that one earn against the opponent or just the amount of games that one win or lose regardless of whether 1 point or 100?

Margin makes no difference. Ranking system only cares if you won or lost.


Thanks again, Kosh.

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Margin doesn’t matter but opponents rank does.

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I wonder why my game is not showing with someone with a ? Here:

Does anyone knows?

I think the game in question is private.

Whoever created this game set it up as a private game, which means no one else can view it.

that was me. I will open up now. Will u be able to see it?

Here s the screenshot:

Im white

If you click on the “Game Info” on the right bar, it will tell you if it’s private.

If it is private, you can share it with named people, but you can never make it public.