How does this game score?

Hi, i’m playing this game, so i don’t want to ask for anything that help me to win.
The question is about the upper right corner.
Seems to be not a territory won. If any of both players moves there, loosses. How is this scored?

If it is inconvenient to answer, i’ll wait until the game is finished.
Thanks for the answers.


It is seki, and both are alive. Seems that you are using japanese rules, so neither player gets any points for those eyes.


Well, considering that you have read out you cannot play there and also given the fact that our auto score unfortunately gets it wrong sometimes, I think there is no harm in telling you now :slight_smile:

And check it is marked correctly on scoring :slight_smile: (or fill T14 once there are no other moves it will make it easier for the algorithm) - the move itself is does otherwise nothing


Thanks for both answers. Now i see it clearer.