How does this undo feature work?

I’m playing doge_bot_4[8k] which said:-
“Undo will be accepted. You can send undo message if you need.”
I sent the following messages:-
Sorry - misclick.
Undo please
? How do I do this???

For future reference (this game timed out while I was trying to work it out) I would like to know how this is supposed to work.
Can anyone let me know please?

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You probably need to send “undo” to the bot.

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AFAIK those bots cannot do undos, i think that message isnt correct. I might be wrong tho.

Seems like an easy enough claim to test haha…

But the bot plays so fast its hard to actually hit the undo button

Edit: @bobinski this is the button you have to hit

It works, but it’s virtually useless since the bot plays too fast to realize you misclicked.

Edit2: Oh if you send the bot “undo” in chat it will request undo. Then you accept the undo and request another undo yourself. Very nice!


Are you saying you need to send the word undo in quotes for this to work? Because:

No without the quotes

I’m guessing the bot did request an undo, but then OP didn’t realize they need to Accept Undo and then request an undo with the button


Here’s what happens after you type undo in chat


The normal undo behaviour is: a player can only push the undo button until the opponent plays a move.

If your opponent is too fast you don’t have time to push that button.

So the procedure with that bot should be:

  • you play a move
  • bot plays a move
  • you would undo your move but you can’t, since bot already played its move. Now the game must go back two moves in order to undo yours
  • you type “undo” in chat
  • bot understands the request and asks for undo its move
  • you accept undo bot’s move
  • then you hit the undo button to undo your move
  • bot accepts your undo request
  • undo is done, now it’s your turn to play

It’s quite complicated but you can’t undo two moves at once.

Now we must figure out what went wrong in your game


All this faff would be avoided if OGS let you request undo on your move, like every other go server. I’ve asked for this feature for years.