How is elimination decided?

In round 1 of the elimination tournament , some players with 5W1L advanced while the others were eliminated. The pattern looks pretty random.

The strangest cases:

  1. fabu with 6W is eliminated while bahytych (5W1L in the same group) advanced.

  2. sekoj, skydyr and Samick were in the same group with 5W1L, but only sekoj advanced.

we try to take the top one or two or three from each group in order to fill out the new groups where possible. I’m a bit sketchy on the details here, even though I wrote this. We did our best to reverse engineer the old OGS’s system for selecting those who advance but it was a little tough as I believe they made decisions and ran the tournaments by hand.

Does the tournament director have the power to do elimination by hand? Given that the algorithm is way off, there should be a manual fall back.

You can click on any player (as the TD) and disqualify or adjust points.