How is the new "overall" rating determined?

I’m currently 12k overall whilst being 14k blitz, 13k live, and 14k correspondence. So, overall ratings aren’t an average… Are overall ratings their own Elo rating that is adjusted whenever any sort of ranked game is played?

I ask because: I use my rating to keep track of whether I’m improving. If I stop improving, I want to know about it, since it means I should study differently!


I hope it is calculated from the opponents overall rating, separately from blitz/live/corr rating calculation.

I also have this issue - I am rated 8k for blitz, live and correspondence, but overall is 9k. Might be better if overall was recalculated as an average after each game, otherwise it is very confusing.

For me Overall rank is already very confusing.
The reason we have ranks is to use them for pairing people. That way each person has maximum likely hood to have a fun, even and interesting game. If overall ranking is not used to pair people then I don’t see why it should be in this world.

For ‘day-to-day’ conversations you are often asked “what rank are you?”. Rather than give a detailed rank value for each time period giving your overall rank is sufficient to give a broad indication of your rank. People like simple numbers to indicate performance. Overall Rank does the job.

Others have stated that the overall rank is just calculated independently based on all ranked games.

These above two types of discrepancies can be explained if players have had a general trend of improving or declining (or at least just a general winning or losing streak) over a period of time, while also playing a mix of all three game types. The overall rating will have moved much faster since it has roughly three times as many adjustments as the categorical ratings. In these cases, its just that overall rating is moving quicker toward the more accurate value, and all four should eventually stabilize as they converge toward the player’s true rating. However, small discrepancies are always still possible from winning/losing streaks.

Calculating the overall ratings as an average would create other issues. If a player simply never played games of one or more of the types, that unchanging component of the average would suppress any changes in their overall rating.


Great analysis yebellz!