How long have you been playing go?

I’d like to know how long you have been playing go and what your rank is. Just to see how I am progressing compared to others


5/21/2015 I’d like to thank everyone who replied to this topic.( I never thought so many people would respond) I greatly appreciate your contributions and hope others learned from the replies too.

To answer my own question, I have been playing go since september 2014 on OGS after I read Hikaru No Go, all my games I have ever played have been on OGS. I am now a 11k-10k at first I played about 5 9x9 a day but lately I have time for a 19x19 game every other day or so because of school exams and finals, but i plan to reach a solid SDK this summer!

LOL, whatever your rank is — you’re progressing just fine :smiley:

(For comparison (OK, I know it’s perhaps not really comparable): I was born in 1957, played my first game around 1964, these days I oscillate between 11k and 13k; I admit, though, that there were looooong times in between where I did not play, and I never had resp. took the time to do intensive study :wink: )


I watched HNG in 2006 or 2007, so of course i did find and learned the rules, played few games, lost all of them, and decided to pick it up again when i have more time.
That day did come 12th of july 2014, when i registered here and played my first game since, some time i was stuck at 30k, but after mass adjustment i started to rise the ranks and now my rank is about 7k.

[quote=“trohde, post:2, topic:4271”]
LOL, whatever your rank is — you’re progressing just fine
[/quote] yup :slight_smile:


I started on august 2014. Only played in OGS.
Some people have played go for years, but in those years maybe they weren’t playing much, like throde said. So, in my modest opinion, comparing years and rank isn’t that much helpfull. I’d rather compare the amount of games you’ve played and the rank you’ve reached. Although for people playing real life go this is impossible. In my case 350games—>10-12K

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I’ve played for four years. Not always seriously. Most seriously in the last year and i have progressed from mid DDK to SDK. Hoping to get to dan by the end of this year, but we’ll see. :smiley:

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I started playing somewhere around 2002 or 2003. DDK until 2008 I think. I don’t think I would be a solid dan any time soon, not with the amount I time I spend playing ~.~

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I started playing seriously in 2011, about 3.5 years ago. I’ve progressed from total beginner to 5k OGS. In that time, I’ve probably played over 2,000 games, maybe even 2,500. My progress has gotten slower as I get stronger.

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I started playing in 1991 for 3 years in a local club. After I moved, I played the computer some, but not very much. I finally came back to the game 2 years ago when I found Nova / OGS and have been playing ever since. So all total maybe 4 years. I’ve played 328 games on OGS, Currently a 16k.

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ive played for about a year and a half and am around 10 or 11k. i got up to sdk about five months ago, but then hubris sent me crashing back down to ddk where i’ve stayed since. or maybe i’ve just been really busy and havent had time to play as much.

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16 months. 15 kyu live rank. 12 kyu correspondence.

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There are a lot of factors that tie into how you gain skill,so comparing your growth to others is a fool’s errand… still, I was young once, so I also know it’s an errand that every young player embarks on regardless. XD

There’s a saying in Korea that your skill in Go never really goes away, but I must beg to differ on that regard. I played my first game in 2004 at the age of 16. I played regularly, basically every minute not spent doing schoolwork or sleeping as a high school kid, up until I graduated in 2006, at that point I was a KGS 5k.

after high school, I joined the navy, wound up stationed in Everett, WA, so I still had lots of access to go. Played a bunch at the AGA club in Seattle, until 2008 and my rank continued to grow, reaching a peak of AGA 1 dan.

then in 2008 some bad stuff happened, I was homeless for a while… and I wound up not playing the game again until the summer of 2014, when I decided I missed the game and stumbled upon this place. my rank stayed pretty consistently at 10k while I shook the rust off, but even now, having been playing steadily for almost a year and being back in form, I’m still only between 6-8k depending on the game type. XD So those years away took their toll, though how bad of a toll depends on how ranks here compare to AGA ranks.

whew You didn’t ask for an autobiography, but damned if I didn’t give you one. O.O


@kitten1, there’s at least one 6k here on OGS who is a Seattle resident and AGA 1k. So you haven’t lost too much!


@calantir That’s reassuring! Granted, restarting my rank a bit has probably done my game some good.

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since last november and bordering on solid SDk

Ive been playing go for about 1 month and 2 weeks :smile: my rank is 18k

I’ve been playing since the beginning of February '15, so almost 4 months now. I’ve also been playing a lot: 136 ranked games. (211 total) [Average of just about 2 games a day] I go back and forth between 20k and 18k (Hit 17k twice.) I tell you all of this simply because I’ve crushed players who are 2-4 stones stronger than I am, and in similar regards; I’ve been crushed by players 2-4 stones weaker than I am. I’ve found it the case to be that players may not play a lot of ranked games, but perhaps are playing all the time? [Their rank hasn’t caught up to their skill level yet.] Then there are players whom have a higher rank than their actual skill level because they’ve only played a handful of games thus far and just so happened to have won them out of luck. I’m not entirely sure…

What I think I’m trying to say is: Maybe comparing yourself to the online ranks isn’t entirely a beneficial thing to judge your own improvement upon. What I’ve found to be the most beneficial judge of one’s own self-improvement is: reviewing all your games. Later go back and take another look at reviews you’ve done. (Haha…) Now just revel in how foolish some of your (let’s say; at least in my case, at my rank) 22k-self was. You can really see how far you’ve come; even if it’s only been a couple months since the game you are looking at. (also for shits and giggles making funny comments about the plays you foolish made as a lower kyu player can be quite entertaining)

Finally the last thing I want to touch upon; and this is strictly speaking to my own experience, is: There are a boat-load of recourses out there. You can research go topics all day long until your fingers hurt from typing. Sometimes, that which you’ve been told or have read will not be the right answer to a particular situation in a game you are trying to figure out. Sometimes you will feel like the knowledge you’ve acquired thus far has not yet caught up to your skill level (Be it in your reading ability, or understanding how a certain play will affect overall board position, etc.) And some days you will just hate the game (for a moment at least.)

But what it comes down to is: Do you love the game? (Shitty days excluded.) Do you love the mental challenge that comes with this game that we all love? And do you want to improve; in regards to challenging yourself? If so… who cares what your rank is for how long you’ve been playing. And now the cliche: Just have fun playing.

Sorry to blow up your feed. Just some input from a lowly 20 kyu. Thanks for listening.


20 years next month, the 14k showing right now might be a bit high.

I just realized that I haven’t played regularly in almost 5 years. I’ve been playing correspondence games with a couple players continuously for most of the 20 years, but they are about my strength.


Played my first game around the middle of February 2015. Around the end of February, found I couldn’t sleep properly, as I couldn’t stop thinking about this incredible game…made it to about 22k at the moment. Following a month out of the country, I feel like I’m starting all over again…!!! I’ve never spent so much time on any other game…it’s got me…