How many games to get a rank?

This is a question often asked by impatient noobs.

The “?” should be turning into a rank at deviation less than 160. How many games is that?

On average 6 games. If you’re really lucky, 4 games. For most players 5-11 games. And more than that if you’re doing something weird.

Histogram of games taken until rank in recently registered players.
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The recent rank revision seems to have decreased the time needed to get a rank—at least it did per my game history. Several games that I played as “Provisional” are now shown with me having a rank (starting with a ridiculous 4k). Contrary to what my history now shows, I went into the Firstish Mod Tournament with no rank and therefore had to play without auto-handicaps. In reality, it took me 10 games to get a rank, although my history now shows only 6 (not 7, because one game was effectively annulled due to my opponent’s serial timeout).

I’d suggest new players to play 9x9. They’ll get a rank much faster.


9x9 blitz. Even faster! :sunglasses:


how idk how to increase rank