How many of you teach go in real life?

I wonder if I could teach go in real life, at least to beginners or those low rank. My currently rand is about 6k (I made 4k for a little while), so I wonder if I am qualified. I know in my mother country China there are lots of higher ranked go players teach go, but in this country (US) I suppose I could be OK to teach low level.

I just want to have fun and make some extra money. Anyone have teaching experience? Please share.

I am around 6 Kyu as well (Though my rank on here doesn’t show it yet) And I help teach a class of about 20 young children (Aprox. 4-8 Years old.) And in the new year i’m starting to help with another class of older kids who are also new to the game. I think anyone helping to introduce new people to the game is always good regardless of rank. One of my friends who I taught when he started is now about equal skill to me and now we learn together. So even if you teach people who eventually love the game and overcome you, just showing people the game and letting them decide if they like it for themselves is always excellent.


you absolutely could, bro! At the very least, teaching the basics to absolute beginners is something that any moderately experienced player can do with more or less the same skill as the experts.

Teaching a beginner the rules, walking a 30k through the first 15 or so stones of strength can easily be done by an SDK. At that level, what needs to be taught is more precise than the more philosophical elements that come with higher levels, and your talent at explaining things in an easy-to-understand manner will get a new player further than your raw strength.


thanks NBD $ kitten!
You guys made perfect sense and I am highly encouraged! Guess I will try to start some lessons around new year. New Year new start!
Happy holiday for you!