How many players are in this site?

I am asking this because it is so hard finding a match.

Do you all have to wait like 3 mins minimum for a match?

Your question is impossible to answer. There are over a million accounts. However, some are spam bots, a great many are alt sandbagging accounts (e.g., one person had 1,200 accounts), and many are banned (e.g., some trolls have engaged in ban wars that involved 40 accounts in the space of an hour).

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Welcome Irgi1

If you check you can see there are a lot of correspondance games running but not only.

To find a live game easely use the automatic pairing, the custom game settings and check the offers from others too.

The number of players varies with the time you come here, think that there are few people from Asian countries.

Hope you will enjoy OGS.


You should consider the peak and valley time, game settings, your kyu or dan. If you set a weird game, no one will match. If you are a high dan player, fewer players could match you. For me, a 10-8 kyu player and no gane setting, I can find a match in 60sec, if no match and I want to play, I just play with a bot.

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I see. Sounds a wild place xD

Well obviously I was talking about an automatic matchup. I don’t even know how to make a custom game. I just started.

Sadly, the automatch takes significantlty more time to find a match than creating a custom challenge. I recommend creating a custom challenge instead, or accepting one of the open ones from the list of challenges.

Basically the only real important things to pay attention to in creating the custom challenge is the rough time setting (blitz / live / correspondence, the standard options are quite reasonable in each case), and if you want to play opponents of similar level I recommend restricting the rank.


Thank you. I’ll do that…


I think custom games start more quickly since they are advertised in the list at the bottom, and people want to see what they are getting into. Even when I put up weird challenges (lately, handicapped 13x13 blitz AGA games) I usually get a game within a minute, and often in just a few seconds.

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Generally I press the automatch but click on a custom challenge as soon as I see an interesting one.

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How does that work? Is the automatch automatically turned off when you accept the custom challenge?


This also becomes self fulfilling though, we believe that automatch is significantly slower, and start to use custom games and possibly tell others too, and then definitely automatch will continue to be slower.

This sounds like a better idea.



Hence the long standing suggestion to list auto match requests in the list of custom challenges and auto matching from that list too. Seems like a straightforward solution. (Presumably isn’t!)


It would be nice to know at each moment how many players are looking for an automatch.
It could be useful to understand if the pool is big enough.