How many Points for losing or winning a game?

i didn’t find the answer here …
i still don’t now how many points i get if i win a game
playing it till the end of the game or for timeout…
and how many points i loose if i play the game till the end or if i loose for timeout…
can anyone tell me what happens if i play againt stronger or weaker players?

Thanks a lot

Every win is a win (timeout losses in correspondence do have some special treatment iirc, but that’s an exception), the type - points, resign, timeout, forfeit doesn’t matter. The point is you shouldn’t worry. As long as you play games, the system will position you around players of similar strength.

If you really want to know some details, here’s the math:

A slightly more interesting question would be - how many games do I need to play to get positioned correctly. I’m not exactly sure, but I suppose it would be ~5 for ‘close enough’ and ~10 for the accurate placement.

Every time you finish a ranked game, your rating is re-calculated based on results of your last 15 ranked games, taken into notice what are your previous opponents current ranks.

So to answer your question: it’s ~impossible to say before you finish the game.

And only win/loss have meaning, it has no difference if game is ended by timeout, resignation or points. Only if game is ‘annulled’ it will count as unranked game.

thanks for your answer!
But, i am not strong in mathematics…so…
i just so that if i win against a stronger opponent i earn 0.7 points and if i loose against a stronger opponent i loose 0.3 point…
Do you mean that it is recalculated and it depends on the score i have already?
is it correct?

Yes. And the rank of your opponent. And the results of your last 15 games or your past month. And the current rank of your previous opponents.

You can find better explanation on OGS has a new Glicko-2 based rating system!

Also might be important to note that smaller boards have smaller impact.

thanks a lot!

And to add a little intuition here: if you beat someone of less rank than you , you get less “points” than if you beat someone higher than you. Makes sense eh?

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That is the way it works? Actually I tried to make sense of the link you provide but found it very confusing. So it means if I play less than 15 games by month, only the games of the last month are taken into account?

I think it’s more subtle. As the document mentions:

The batch/30 days cut-off is just meant to decide when to materialise the ‘current’ rank as actual ‘base’ rank, which from users perspective is mostly invisible. In simple terms, you can think that your last games are still ‘warm’ and as opponents ranks fluctuate, the ranking outcome might fluctuate with theirs. After batch closes, the rank is materialised and future fluctuations do not affect the closed off part of rank.

“And only win/loss have meaning, it has no difference if game is ended by timeout, resignation or points.” per KoBa.

Except, as detailed in the recent thread, if you are any “winner” after the first in a multiple timeout situation by a single opponent. Then there is a difference…your rank as “winner” doesn’t change at all.

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To add to this, when you complete a correspondence game, is the final rank adjustment based on ranks at the start of the match, or the end?

At the end.

Do numbers of handicap stones change the ratings adjustment for a win/loss? e.g. If a 14kyu plays a 10kyu who gives a four stone handicap, will that game have the same effective rating change for win/loss as a 14kyu vs. 14 kyu game (or a 10 kyu vs. 10 kyu game, to think of it another way)

My understanding is that the answer is “yes”.

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