How much time do you spend playing Go?

I usually play a game or two each day, and then review those games. On a particularly Go-heavy game, I might play a half dozen live games, but never really more than that. However, I’ve noticed that a few of my opponents somehow manage to play a ridiculous number of games per day, on a regular basis. A recent opponent of mine ( easily averages a dozen games a day, with a max of at least 30.

I don’t get how people manage to spend that much time on Go. Even assuming that games are only 20 mins, which is far shorter than mine tend to be, that’d be 10 hours of playing time to make it to 30.

That got me wondering how much time other people devote to the game. Are there many players out there who are willing to sit down and spend 10 hours playing go? 4+ hours of play time on average? Or are there just a few outliers, who tend to get noticed because of how much they play? How much time do you spend, on average, playing Go in a given day?

  • Minimal; maybe a game or two per week
  • Less than an hour per day
  • 1-2 hours/day
  • 2-3 hours/day
  • 3-4 hours/day
  • 4+ hours/day

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Granted, most people who spend 4+ hours/day playing go probably don’t have time to visit the forums and respond to polls…

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A quick look at some of his games shows that they’re actually shorter than 20 minutes. It also appears he sometimes plays simultaneous games, which cuts the time shorter as well (you don’t need to wait for your opponent to respond)

Even with all that, though, I wonder how long it takes to play 30 games.

Depends on the timesetting and the players’ attitude. Both quitters and their opposite (gritters?) will produce outliers. I’d guess the average blitz (0-1m main, 3-5x 10s byo) game takes about 20 minutes (250*5s). Fast games (<10m main, 30s byo) will easily eat up 30-45 minutes.

The fastest reasonable timesetting is probably 5s byo yomi, which would result in an estimated 12min per full game (3s*250). Accordingly, playing 30 such games would take 6 hours.

You might argue that most 5s games would result in a timeout way before the 250 move mark, and that’s a fair point. Assuming super short games (150 moves), playing 30 of them would only take about 4 hours.

However, even assuming very slow timesettings (60m per complete game), provided you play 1 game a day, you’ll complete about 30-360 games in the time it takes most correspondence players to finish a single game. ;D

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BUT we always play multiple games.

I don’t know how much time I spend in a day because I use a lot of tiny time slots during the day. Maybe I check my moves 30 times in a day and wouldn’t be surprised to use 3-4 hours a day without staying more than few minutes on a single slot.

Maybe I should actually try to do a real measurement.

I average about 3 hours a day of studying/playing. I don’t know why but I got absorbed and I’m okay with staying in this routine for awhile. I watched a video posted by a proffessional player on youtube stating that she would play/study 8 hours a day as insei for 2-3 years. Wow

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I’d say i’m spending about an hour per day for my correspondence games, somedays more, somedays less. I rarely play live games, maybe about once a week or somewhere around that. My live games usually tend to take over an hour each, since i’m usually pretty chatty with my opponents, so i don’t even wanna start one unless i know, that i have enough spare time on my hands for a live game.

But yeah, if someone plays mainly quick games, it is easily possible to play over a dozen games per day, it’s just really exhausting to keep that up for a long period of time. According to my record is 31 finished games in a single day, but i think most of those we’re blitzy 9x9 games xD

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I see that yesterday (the 20th) this opponent you are talking about completed 18 games, but only two of them actually went to completion. The rest all ended in either resignation or in one case a cancelation. It looks like (s)he had a total of 2500 moves for the day (half of them his/hers.)

At 10 seconds a move (an official blitz game) on average that would be about 7 hours. In the USA, adults are said to watch an average of 5 hours of TV per week. So 7 hours for Go on a Sunday seems pretty doable to me.

Everybody needs a hobby. :slightly_smiling_face: