How not to lose Mid influence

Hey there,
in almost all my Games I have a Major Problem. I am losing very early influence to the middle of the Board.
Here is one Game I have made today.

Can someone reviewed it and give me some Tips what I can do better to be surrounded so early.

Thanks Steve :smiley:

I’m not exactly stronger than you, but I think your main problem is you got yourself into a position where you could be forced to play near your thickness. You’d want to force weak white groups towards your strong positions, while sealing the strong ones off / making territory /making more influence and moyo in the process.

Here is my review,

Although you made some early mistakes, they weren’t too bad. I think the series of exchanges from move 40 to 56 were poor for black. At that point, White had a slight advantage which grew as the game progressed. You didn’t attack afterwards, which allowed White to play safe and win easily.

If you think you tend to give up early influence too much, try a different more aggressive opening and fight. And every once in a while try to calculate how many points each player has. If you think you are behind, try to make a more adventurous move and read it out. Although it may not always work, there is always the possibility that your opponent makes a mistake!


The conventional way to get into the center is to jump up toward it. A plain, one-space jump. No frills. I put a bunch of places you could have jumped in the mini-review below.

It’s not a detailed review though. See @speartiger’s excellent review for more details on the other stuff.

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Thanks for all your help :smiley: love this community

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