How strong is leela zero actually?

Its website says its elo is 15,000, but that doesn’t sound right. Considering alphago zero capped off at about 5,000, and katabot and aquabot aren’t anywhere near even 5,000. Is leela zero really actually that strong?

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LeelaZero is probably somewhere around AlphaGo Master level. The Elos are not comparable. LeelaZero’s Elo is from self-play and is inflated. AlphaGo’s Elo was anchored to tournament values from other previously published bots.


I figured elo based on self play would be more accurate than against humans. I guess not.

What determines the accuracy of any rating system is the breadth and depth of it’s participants, not any individual’s strength. Since Leela Zero is the only one playing, there is nothing to anchor its results to.


Actually I think it is anchored at random play = 0 ELO, which is a fine anchor, but vastly different from any other.