How To Become 1-Dan (Series of articles)

The series “How to Become 1-Dan” focus on habits, mistakes, knowledge, strategy and much more, which in my opinion would help every Go player to reach the desired level.

Furthermore, these articles might also help players who already reached the level of 1-dan. I noticed that while teaching Go to kyu level players, they have many similar strategical mistakes or lack of knowledge in certain area. I decided to combine things that I find important and to build these series.

I hope that by following and reading these series, the reader will be having easier time reaching 1-dan level.

The topics are various and the examples are taken from games of kyu to dan level.

(Share from Reddit) I really hope it will be helpful, any suggestions about topics, ideas, something that you might prefer or difficulties in your games that you have, you can email me or write a comment !

Thank you !


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