How to calculate score in Japanese and chinese style?

I have tried reading posts related to this but still cannot understand how the game scores the player.

First, the initial -6,5. That is komi. In an even match, white is given 6,5 point from the start, to compensate for black playing first (which is an advantage of course). Thus in the moment the match begins black is losing by 6,5 because neither player made any points yet. The half point is to prevent draws.

At the end black is losing by that many because he made no territory. (while white made plenty) All the black stones (even the ones still on the board) are dead, because they cannot make two eyes now to live. Thus black is losing by that much.

In go (let’s talk japanese rules, but it does not really matter) you get points for capturing stones and above all surrounding territory. Black surrounded no territory and thus made no points.

Maybe you were thrown off by the minus. The app counts the score towards the player thus if you were winning it would still read the score for black, but there would not be the minus before the score

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If you want to understand rules and basic strategies better try this: (our own version)
Or this: (tried and in depth and avilable in many languages)

Thank you. I did understood the rules but not the scoring (updated the image)

I looked at the first game, and something doesn’t look right:

  • black used 55 stones (34 on the board, 21 captured by white)
  • white used 43 stones (33 on the board, 10 captured by black)

Anyway, below the score calculation for both counting methods.

On the board:

  • white has 33 safe stones, is surrounding 12 intersections, and has captured 4 black stones
  • black has 30 safe stones, 4 stones captured by white, and is surrounding 6 intersections

Off board (central column):

  • black gets 6.5 points off to compensate for her playing the first move
  • white captured 21 black stones during the game
  • black captured 10 stones during the game

Chinese scoring (areas):

  • white: 33 + 12
  • black: 30 + 6 - 6.5
  • white wins by 15.5

Japanese scoring (intersections and captures)

  • white: 12 + 4 + 21
  • black: 6 + 10 - 6.5
  • white wins by 26.5
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Hey, as @SanDiego pointed out, you must have made some mistake in the first game, with the presented counts it makes no sense and those numbers of captured stones look way too high.

the second game (with chinese scoring) is not finished (esp with chinese scoring you need to fill neutral points as well) and thus is hard to count precisely (I dont even know whose turn it is now), but is simple to give approximate count.

In Chinese rules we count both the empty areas as well as the stones surrounding them as points. Captures have no effect on the result. Therefore at the moment:

EDIT: I decided to be so nice a make a full demo explanation of the situation here you go: hope it makes Chinese rules clear. If not, try to specify where you got lost.

*note that in real game the counting process is a little different to be faster (we count only black player’s score and compare it to half the board - komi) but I think it is easier to understand like this