How to certify kyu and dan ranks at Go?

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Most countries in Europe use an algorithm to determine the rank of a player based on the games that this player has played in official tournaments.

I’ve never needed an actual certificate with my rank on it, but if I needed one I’m sure I could get one by sending an email “Could I please get a written certificate of my rank?” to the bureau of my national go association.

In Asia I understand that ranks are much more local, which each local club attributing ranks to their own player, instead of the country attributing ranks to all players of the country.

For ranks 6 dan and above in China, you need to win a provincial or national tournament. This means that two players ranked 5 dan coming from different regions of China might actually have very different strengths, because their 5 dan comes from two different local rankings; but two players ranked 6 dan should be equally strong, even if they come from different regions of China.

When player who got their rank in one club or one country meet players who got their rank in another club or another country, the disparities between ranks from different places become obvious.

For professional go players there exists an unofficial international ranking system which attributes ranks to all professionals: This is completely unofficial, but is a good way to compare Chinese professionals with Korean professionals with Japanese professionals.


In China you have rating tournaments organized at the province level, 1 by trimester on 4-5 days usually. Youll meet mostly children there but not only.


It differs in different countries.
In the Netherlands, dan ranks are usually awarded as a title by the ranking commission of the Dutch go association.
Kyu ranks are up to the players themselves, but they are usually determined by casual handicap games in a club or by an online rank.