How to convert 19x19 floor goban to 13x13

Hi all, i have a 19x19 floor goban , a friend of mine made it , and i want to be able to play on 13x13. Any suggestions on how i could use it for 13x13?

Use a large piece of cardboard paper cut it to make 13x13 when placed on the board? or a thin piece of wood and do the same.


Though I like the idea, I’d recommend to mask it using paper, not wood or cardboard, and fasten it to the sides using some light masking tape (so as not to “hurt” the wood). This way you can mask the board close to the lines and still put stones on the — now — bottom lines. I’ve done this quite often for masking a 19x19 board to 13x13 or 9x9.

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This is beautifully made. If your friend is this good at woodwork, ask him to make a slightly larger flat board with indented bottom that fit perfectly on top of this. This way you can use it for 13x13 and 19x19 at will. Tell him about the concept of Hoshi (the dots) and that lines/dots are normally carved into the surface.