How to delete a demonstration game?


I create several demonstration games. And I want to delete them. What can I do ?

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I am afraid at the moment this is impossible. You will just have to try to ignore them :slight_smile:

OK. Is it possible to rename it ? (important for me) Ou hide them (transform to a private game) ?

Sorry to keep disappointing, but to my knowledge nothing of that is possible at the moment. You can delete the content and leave them empty, but that’s about it I am afraid.

OK. I move this topic to “OGS Development”. If a developer see this topic, can he tell me if it’s possible to implement that (Suppression of a demonstration game AND/OR rename a demonstration game AND/OR transformation to private game) ?

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Well since our beloved devs are more present on github rather than here, let me be so bold and answer you at least a little once more before one of them appears here :slight_smile:

Certainly is and it has been filed on github already. However when it will be done remains unclear, as it might not be (only according to my ignorant estimate) considered too high priority.

For Sure, it’s not a high priority :-). But it 's important, because I write some private informations in name of games and I want to delete/rename that.

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