How to delete a reviewed game


Somehow I got a game into my Reviewed games list by mistake. How do I get rid of it?


Unless developers already adressed this in the new version (meaning I am not totally sure, but very probably) a review, once created, cannot be deleted.

Unfortunately for the time being you will probably just have to ignore it manually :-).


Please add this feature. It should not take more than an hour of a developers time, and it shouold not be a risky change with unexpected effects.

As a new user I clicked on Review just to see what it offered. I was a bit shocked to discover that even though no-one else was involved and I have made no changes or comments that I cannot delete it. Especially so as there is no advance warning to the effect “Once you create a review it cannot be deleted”.

Of course if several players have collaborated on a review then deleting should not be an option, but where creating the review was a mistake it ought to be able to remove it.


I did it too. :slight_smile:
I think everybody did it! :smiley:

We could start a new forum game: “laughing at each one’s first review”.