How to delete a reviewed game

Somehow I got a game into my Reviewed games list by mistake. How do I get rid of it?


Unless developers already adressed this in the new version (meaning I am not totally sure, but very probably) a review, once created, cannot be deleted.

Unfortunately for the time being you will probably just have to ignore it manually :-).

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Please add this feature. It should not take more than an hour of a developers time, and it shouold not be a risky change with unexpected effects.

As a new user I clicked on Review just to see what it offered. I was a bit shocked to discover that even though no-one else was involved and I have made no changes or comments that I cannot delete it. Especially so as there is no advance warning to the effect “Once you create a review it cannot be deleted”.

Of course if several players have collaborated on a review then deleting should not be an option, but where creating the review was a mistake it ought to be able to remove it.


I did it too. :slight_smile:
I think everybody did it! :smiley:

We could start a new forum game: “laughing at each one’s first review”.


Still would love this feature :smiley:

I would write more reviews if I had the ability to delete them. As it is I usually hesitate to start a review, because if I get distracted or don’t find anything interesting to say I don’t want the review hanging out there. If I knew I could I delete them, then I’d end up with more finished reviews, because I’d actually start them.

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A lot of people don’t mind.
If you know Dwyrin, when he plays on OGS than he does a review throwing in a lot of stones without any comment (he does them verbally in the video, not written in the review). If he does misclicks, he doesn’t delete them. So anybody coming later would find those reviews caothic and poor.

Just think that not all reviews are useful.
Do you often look for reviews in other games? I never did, except for those that I can find in the forum, under “Review request” tag. I know those are instructive. I don’t care about others.

And remember that review are always open: if you want, you can edit them later.