How to delete variation names?

I started an SGF file on here, because it’s so nice and easy and you can give variations a name and jump to them any time.
Sadly, I don’t seem to be able to delete a variation name. When I delete the variation itself, it just reappears once I hover over the name.
Here is a gif to see what I mean exactly.
Am I missing something, is this a bug?
Thanks in advance,

Only moderators can delete chatlines, and variations are themselves not much more than chatlines, thus no, you can’t delete those without help from a moderator. If there’s any specific variation that you’d like to see deleted, you could raise a report about it

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Ultimately, an SGF is no more than a text file.

You can download it and remove, add, or modify whatever you like, and then reupload the kifu to your SGF library.

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Oh, I see. That’s a bit sad, since I really like the feature.
Thank you very much for you answer.

I guess the variations in chat though are kind of an extra feature since you bind the name to a variation, in a way (functionally in the ui sense) different from just comments in an SGF file.

Reuploading the sgf would keep the variations, but I can’t remember what OGS does with the chat.

Edit: Oh right it does add in the chat as comments on the specific moves, but the variations comes up as [object Object], at least on a game. Then uploading and starting a review shows the comments in the usual comment part, not the chat.

Edit2: Interestingly if you share variations in chat in a review, and download the sgf with comments the variation is somewhat preserved as a comment and comes up as so

but reuploading the review to the sgf library doesn’t really work.

Based on some experimenting I do have a suggestion, but it’s not optimal, especially if you have a lot of named variations.

If you are making these variations in a review (or I assume demo board works the same?) then you click download sgf with comments it should contain all the variations, including the named ones, where at the end of the variation where the name points to, it has its name and the sequence like in this picture.

Then when you reupload the sgf to the sgf library and start a review of that game, the variations should exist again, but the names and sequences will have moved to the comment box. However since the name is still at the right point, like the above that I called test, you just have to reshare the variations.

It’d be a bit tedious, but I suppose it’s one way to remove the variations names from the chat. You can of course just delete whichever variations themselves from the sgf file too.