How to disable numbered suggested moves?

On some moves during Analysis suddenly a whole sequence of moves is shown by grayed out stones with numbers. I want a way to temporarily turn off these extra moves so I can focus on analyzing the game. I could not find an option for this in the Settings.

You can press Disable AI review on the sidebar.
Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 3.42.39 PM

This works great! Thanks.

Except that any moves in the game tree that have been marked with unrecorded move sequences will still show those sequences forever, regardless of the current AI Review setting. So you have to look for the move suggestions with AI Review on, then go back a move and turn AI Review off to actually work through and analyze the moves. I wish there were a way just to turn off the move sequences but leave the AI Review active. I like the suggestions for better moves, but I don’t like the sudden appearance of lots of stones with numbers. And sometimes those sequences are just plain wrong, too, even when the circled move suggestion is correct.


Actually, turning off Disable AI review turns off marked move suggestions, but does not turn off the numbered sequences of moves stored in the game record by the AI review, ever. So my original question is still waiting for an answer, thanks.

The AI review doesn’t apply any sequences automatically to the game tree. Please provide a screenshot and a link to the problem you are experiencing so we can properly diagnose it.

I think it could be the issue I linked here AI backend updates.

Maybe here is the more appropriate thread for it.

I have replied specifically to this posting elsewhere. This forum doesn’t permit posting the same text again.