How to find bots

A recent post here in the forum has made me realize that there might be bots other than the ones listed when I start a new game and select “computer”. Is there a way to search for those?


If you click “New Game” the icon at the top left that looks like a globe with an arrow… tap that and “Computer” is one of the options.

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There is a post here that has some detail on getting a bot game.

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@matburt and @crodgers, I think @saxmaam is fully aware of how to start a game with one of the “official” bots. His original post seems to imply as much, and his actual question is about how to find out about other bots that are not in that list.

We list all registered bots in that list. If they aren’t registered as a bot with us then I’m not sure how to tell you how to find them :wink:

Quite sure that @saxmaam is female :wink:

oops! apologies.

It’s true, trohde, but I’m wondering how you can be so sure :wink:

Well, Ma’am, your name seems to tell me that you play the saxophone :slight_smile:


Not sure if this topic is good one to ask this.
When talking about finding bots, there were a lot of bots on OGS before the great merge. All of them were playable (I think… I was still a 30k then, so tried only weaker ones, and all of them were working quite good). You can still find many of them in Alan Turing Title Tournament 2013. Why is none of them working now? Only few bots are still playable, and all of them are weaker then 10k. Is it possible to return some more bots to OGS? Also, what about Valkyria9? I know it is not an OGS bot, but if we can’t play it here, is it possible to find it somewhere on internet? Does anyone know are there any stronger bots to download free? So far, I didn’t find any stronger then Fuego, and it is around 8-7kyu…

Note that we are a completely different OGS than what existed before the merge. To be honest… I’m not even really sure how bots worked pre-merge. Bots… at least the ones we are running, are very heavy… they take a lot of cpu and are generally hogs on whatever system they are run on so they’ll typically run somewhat weaker given that we want to segment them from our main infrastructure.

If you find a bot and want to run it on OGS then we will be happy to have you do so.

In the meantime if you want to support us in growing our site and infrastructure please check out the Support OGS link on the main site:

In addition to matburt, I wanted to add that because of the current support state we were able to move to a better server some weeks ago. I am a monetary supporter myself, and I can only encourage everyone else to be one aswell, if you have a dollar left somewhere. :sunny:


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