How to find messages I have sent?

I exchanged some messages with another user. I wanted to copy a link I put in a message. How do I find the messages I have sent to other users? Is there an accessible record of my communications with other users?

Use search on top left to find that user, and Send Message. The history will be there.

So unless I know the userid there’s no way? Wow.

I did what you said and all I can get is a chat box. There’s nothing there and that’s not the right thing. Scrolling through a chat box for a message I might have written a week ago is silly. That “message” thing is not a message. Messages are discrete. That is like a cash register tape.

These were normal messages with a subject box and text controls.

That would be another function. And I just went looking for it, however, it seems to be missing.
Not sure whether that’s intentional, but the option to send a site-intern mail is also removed from puzzles.

The only places would have sent messages are from the games I’ve played or the forums. Is there maybe some provision for messages in the forums that link to forum posts?

The forums and the game sections seem not entirely integrated or consistent; for instance, the avatars.

Basically the options to send someone a message are as following:

  • global chat
  • group chat
  • tournament chat
  • instant messaging
  • forum post
  • forum messages (not linked to anything else)
  • -OGS mail- (now missing)

You can’t have a subject line in any of the chats (including instant messaging).

You can check your forum messages by clicking your avatar in the top right corner and click the envelope icon.

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I think I must be thinking of Forum Messages. I suppose these start within a forum topic and create sort of a private branch of the thread?

Hello @Aten,

I just sent you a forum msg with the following text so that you can see how it works and looks like:

How to find messages I have sent? - #7 by Aten

You can find your forum messages by clicking on your avatar image, then your nick name:

then this:

Greetings, Tom

And, as you will have seen from the other forum msg I sent you right now, it needn’t begin with a forum post or comment.

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well, i did it one way and sent a message to myself because I was automatically filled into TO:

this place is what is called a mashup? I found a new logo for you