How to find opponents?

How to find opponents that take the game seriously? Single game of go can be pretty long. And sometimes your opponent just doesn’t care that much about the game. So you want to play hard and interesting game while your opponent answers every move within a second because it’s a throwaway game for them. It can be other way around: you just want to relax, don’t play as hard as you can and it ruins the game for your opponent. Do you have any tricks for finding good opponents?

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yeah if you want a serious game it can be hard to find by random, not everyone feels the same all the time :slight_smile:

It is probably better in tournament games, where people feel like something is on the line.

Or (and sorry for the shameless plug, but everyone knows I am a sellout :D) you can check out we have a league system where you play on OGS or KGS to player’s liking, league games that have sole purpose of being longer and taken seriously.


Hi alex. Long time no see :slight_smile:. You should join osr as adam suggested. Hope ill find you there :smiley:.

Maybe AI is a good choice.If your group could be killed, AI will find out the easiest way to kill them.And if you want to kill AI’s group AI will also find out the easiest way to make them lived.You could even undo your moves hundreds of time to kill an AI’s group but annoy it :-).Of course you need to find an appropriate AI at first.Have a good game.