How to fork and set up own OGS server

Hi, I have a question about OGS development.

Is it OK to Fork the source from GitHub - online-go/ Source code for the web interface and set up an original GO server?

Also, is there a description of how to do this anywhere?

Thank you.

Of course! See

BTW, any project that is licensed under the AGPL is okay to fork :smiley:


Thank you for your response!

Actually, I understand how to fork a project, but I would be grateful if there is a manual for setting up the server and frontend after forking.

Of course, I realize that the procedure may vary depending on the server being used and the development environment. However, I would appreciate it if you could provide a general method.

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Ah sorry, I misread. Actually the source you linked is only for the web browser client. The backend code is closed source, so unfortunately can’t start your own server using OGS source.

If you’re still interested in spinning up the client, I’d start with I’m happy to help if you have questions.

If you’re primarily interested in a server, here are some open source go servers (although none is as widely used as OGS)


What’s your motivation for setting up your own OGS server?


Online Go server server!


Guys, I think we’ve taken the linguistics discussions too far.


Yes, this is precisely true “Online Go Server” is the name of a service, which has a server and a client and others stuff…

… and I still wonder whether the OP wants to set up a server because that’s the goal: have another server, or whether it is to some other end that we could help with