How to get stronger in 2 weeks for SDK Player [CLOSED]

Just wanna hear your opinion.

no one likes this answer, but it’s neverthless the holy grail: tsumego, tsumego, tsumego and much more tsumego.

forget openings as kyu player - basic understanding is all you need there.

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Why a deadline of specifically two weeks? Preparing for a tournament? Or do you just mean, how to get stronger in the most time efficient way possible?

You can’t do much about your technique in 2 weeks, but you can work on your health (eat well, sleep 8+ hours at night), mindset (calm, positive), focus (make sure you took care of everything else, so you don’t ruminate or seek distraction).


You’ll get stronger, I’d question how much stronger can you get.

Just general “tsumego” is pretty useless, especially if it’s only life and death. In SDK games you don’t always need reading.

You need to recognize good moves, so maybe tesuji. Maybe look through pro games to see how they do things.

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I just noticed that judging by his profile, it’s that guy again. Sigh.


So probably he’s the only one that likes evil_little_dream’s answer! :smiley:
Oh, wait, could it be just a fake account or a partner? :open_mouth:

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Oh man, that would be too much. Where does the shilling end?

Why do you ask?

[12:22] ryukkk: I think all kyu players need to do tsumego if want to improve.

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just wanna make sure that my answer is same with other player

just as I thought. Some people will guess that I am that guy :smiley:

That spammer, you mean? k4tsu?


Don’t be offended.

We have here a recursive spammer who sells tsumego that asks “what do I need?” and a new user with provisional rank that answers “tsumego, tsumego, tsumego”. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but you must admit that it may sound suspicious.

Please accept my apologies if you aren’t in business with “that guy”.

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OP has since been banned. Suspect that means he can no longer see answers to his question.