How to (if possible) edit or delete recent message in game chat?

For example, to fix a typo that changes the meaning of the message.

Sometimes I send a message which mentions a specific point. For example:

  • Private notes to myself.
  • Reminding opponent (who passed) to fill a gap (otherwise game will not score properly).
  • When requesting an undo, stating where I intended to play (so opponent knows I did not just misclick the “request undo” button).

However, the Chinese board coordinates are completely different from the English board coordinates.

Currently, there is no way for users to delete or edit chat lines on (it is possible on forums under some circumstances as those are running on a different software altogether).

If you need to hide any personal notes, or private info you have shared by accident, feel free to report the game, moderators can delete the line if needed. Other than that, there is no way currently.

Not sure I understand the comment about Chinese coordinates? The page should automatically create a clickable mark when sharing a coordinate, which should be universal for all as far as I know. Is that not so?


I think it’s probably the idea that if you write N12 in chat, there is no N12 in chinese coordinates. I think there’s two types of numerals instead like ニ12. Then if you have the chinese coordinates on, you don’t know which is which in the alphanumeric numbering/ordering to even write something like N12 to start with.

To the OP, one thing you can do though

CTRL+CLICK on stone or intersection (ALT+CLICK or CMD+CLICK on mac) – pastes co-ordinates of clicked stone into game chat. (Co-ordinates such as A20, A0, pass and U5 etc also exist by clicking the expected place)

That will paste the coordinates of the point in chat, and you can do it while typing. That will show up as @AdamR mentions. When you hover or click it, it should show the point on the board marked.


Yes, that is of course true, but the simple act of typing N12 into chat auto-creates a link that should show the coordinate when hovered AFAIK.

The ctrl+click is a shortcut to avoid having to type it out, but the result should be the same to my knowledge, unless there is some plotwist for users with chinese keyboard or something like that?


I guess my point was if what you’re seeing on your board coordinates is ニ12 you don’t know that you should type N12 at all.

Edit: It’s a shortcut to typing sure, but it’s also a shortcut to having to change your setting every time you want to figure out the coordinates to type other than trial and error


Also everything flips when you change from one to the other

The letters turn to numbers, the numbers to kanji say, and the ordering reverses for the rows just to add to the confusion :slight_smile:


That makes sense. I thought it would work in reverse and also auto-create the link if you typed ニ12 if that was your board view, but I guess that’s not the case. My bad. Might be something to consider adding though :slight_smile:

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Yeah I don’t think it’s the case anyway, I was testing it, but yeah if there’s not a way to do it, it could be nice :slight_smile:

Noted. Then this is a feature request.

Yes, that is what I mean. Thanks for the solution!


Hanzi is the chinese word for “chinese kanji”


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