How to invite someone to the forum

Do anyone know how to invite someone to the forum and show him interesting post?

  1. find an interesting post
  2. copy the URL in your web browsers address bar and send it to your friend
  3. ???
  4. profit

OK thank you.

This makes me think of the Promotor badge.

The Invite button is nowhere in sight, so no one has earned this badge yet. (Same goes for Campaigner badge).

I think implementing the Invite button is still on Anoek’s (our developer) to do list.

Of course you can direct your friend to OGS, become a member and join the forums as @taatelikakku suggested; although I don’t understand his steps

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I think this is a reference to the underpants-stealing gnomes from South Park.

Saying “Step 1: xyz, Step 2: xyz, Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit” or something of the like has become somewhat of a meme.


@Atorrante, the forums is not developed by anoek. It is open-source software called Discourse that many have contributed to and it has been deployed in other communities as well. Inviting users is simply disabled for this particular forum.

@Starline, yes, that is the original reference and it is a very, very widely used and well-known meme:


If you want to show a specific post, and not the whole thread, to the right of the heart below each post there’s a link icon. If you click on it, a pop-up shows with a link to that specific post.

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It’s a unknown reference for me too. Should be more a US shared culture.

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Do you know why it is disabled?

I expect to maintain parity between forum accounts and OGS user accounts, as they’re designed to be linked (you automatically have a forum account when you register for OGS.)

It’s very easy to change account name on the main site

I’m not sure what your point is? You might notice that if you change your name on the main site, it will change here too (you may need to re-log to see it.)

That kind of explains more of my point, actually, showing the link between accounts, and why it’s deliberately disallowed to sign up for the forum independently of an OGS acount.

O true but if I remember well it took some time in my own case.