How to kill improperly played 3-3 invasion?

Hello. I played a game where I made a 3-3 invasion on a 4-4 6-3 enclosure and lived without a ko. My opponent and I looked it up and saw it should be ko for life, but I played the wrong move for that joseki and he wasn’t able to kill me.

Could anyone let me know how to kill the invasion in the top right the way I played it?

Thank you!

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I shared two variations. Not 100% sure about the first one though.

The main variations are shown here:

Your move could lead to a ko.

Note that the outcome depends on the surroundings. If black is strong on the outside she can try and kill the 3-3 invasion. If white is strong on the outside, letting white live small might be the best choice.

After all the checking up you guys did, you didn’t realise that the ‘mistake’ that led to no ko was your opponent playing S17 in the first place? No matter what minor mistake you played later will only result in inefficient living. If he wanted Ko then S17 is the sure wrong move. Wrong in the sense it doesn’t align to your objective, not necessarily wrong for the game.

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Thank you, Pokeii. I thought that after P17 in your variation I could go P18 and get enough room, but the more I look at it, I think black would follow that with S17 and I would be dead.

Thanks again. I appreciate your input.

Hi Hiryuu. We knew that was the wrong move, but I couldn’t figure out the right response to me playing Q17. I think I got it now though. Thank you.

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