How to open OGS page from an OGS game inserted on another website?


The website of the European Go Congress has a page called “live games” where we can always see all games that are relayed on OGS.

However, I have found no way of finding the link to these games on OGS (which should have a url like or in this case). Is it possible to find the link to the full OGS game page, from the OGS inserted-in-another-website game?


Related questions:

There is a page observe-games on OGS, which I can go to from the menu Watch > Games; and this page allows me to easily find games with the highest ranked players.

Two questions:

  • Instead of ordering games by ranks of players, can I order them by number of watchers?
  • Is there a similar page that includes reviews and demos in addition to games?
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Awesome, thanks!

For Firefox users, right-clicking on the frame (outside the goban) brings up the option “This Frame > Open Frame in New Tab”, which brings up the review page.