How to place handicap stones manually

I come from DGS and I really like this website’s interface. It looks spiffy. But I’m having trouble setting up handicap games to where the stones are evenly distributed in handicaps greater than nine. Is there a mode where I can place them manually?
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

If you select the Chinese ruleset, it will let you place the stones manually

That said… Just a general thought- if someone needs more than 9 stones, it might make sense to just play on a smaller board.


But can you have more as 9 stones? I never tried.

For handicaps greater than 9?

Choose custom game’ -> create
Uncheck ‘ranked’ box and select up to 36 hc stones from the dropdown menu, everything over 9 stones has free placement regardless of ruleset.

And in case you also want free handicap placement for all games, chinese / new zealand / ing’s sst rules all have free placement as default.


I’d agree with that.

In practice I’ve placed handicaps 10 to 13 at G7, G13, O7, O13 (equidistant between the 9 existing handicap points).

@benjito @Soromon But you can play interesting go variants with more handicap stones, like example “shape game”, which has 36 stones placed on first line and whites only objective is making a living group.

I used a lot the quarter one to teach what is influence (Supposedly an intruder will die)

Just for make it clear, if you opt for Chinese then black will get a negative komi of 13 points in a 13 stones handicap on OGS?

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