How to print a finished OGS game?

Suppose Fact has finished a game with Figure. Fact is a Go teacher and he wants to print the game and take to his classes to show his students. How does Fact achieve this? How to print a finished OGS game like this?

OGS cannot currently save directly in kifu format.

If you save the game as an .sgf file (which can be done from the menu on the RHS of the game screen), you can then open it in a program such as Go Write (free) which has the capacity to save games as kifu, and also has the handy ability to split the game every x moves (eg. every 50 moves or 100 moves, etc)


You can also print sgf files with multigo. It also supports a few more file formats.


There are also online convertors if you do not like to download stuff unless you have to.

Or google for more


@BHydden @pokeii @AdamR Thank you all. You are so helpful! :sunny:


Just out of curiosity, does 無題 in Chinese mean “untitled?”

I’m using the Japanese version of Windows. I think it means untitled in both Japanese and Chinese.

If you download the SGF, you can open it in Drago and print it as a kifu from there.

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