How to Reduce/restrict black's group

Hi! I was just curious how white can reduce black’s group on the left side, because it feels to me as though black has more territory and potential. Thanks!


Black is so secure you’re looking at shoulder hits and attachments. I gave three in your demo board:

  • Variation 1 is probably the most typical influence-building tactic. It forms a single unit from the upper white group.

  • Variation 2 is more distant but the same principle. It builds influence toward the center rather than towards the upper side together with White’s other stones.

  • Variation 3 isn’t a reduction but a way to get in and disrupt the territory if making influence doesn’t make sense with the board position. Of course, Black is so secure Black needn’t hane. But see variation 3b for that—White can attach again and make miai of bending above or below. White should be able to force some kind of concession.


If I count the territories, black as only 1 more point as white. Not that big difference too.