How to register/sign-in for a local dev instance?

I thought I’d play around with a local instance (maybe I’ll try to fix some bugs or contribute some features, but for now I’m just trying to get oriented).

I’ve followed the instructions in and have a local server running at (from commit 572b7fc71feece5a887f81ebda6c86179afc2c52), but when I try to “register” or “sign in” to my local instance I get the “An error has occurred” message without further context.

Is this the right place to get help?

  • If so, what might I be missing? (I can provide more details about my setup if that’s useful…)
  • If not, I’d appreciate a pointer to the right resource!

Not sure what the issue is, but I usually test with localhost:8080 instead of

Also, you can register at (non-local) since it’s the same server that your local client will be hitting. You will still need to sign in via the local client though. Also I’m not sure if you’re trying to do SSO (e.g. Google/Facebook sign-in), but in my experience, password login usually has fewer issues.


Thanks! Registering first at allowed me to sign in to my local instance. (I’m not trying to do SOO.)


Glad to hear you’re in! Happy to help if you have any more questions :smiley:


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