How to report & correct the system error, which turning a 16 points winning result into a 30 points losing game?

I had a game ended winning 16 points, but the system concluded it as a 30 points loss, how do I report it and correct the system error?

Well, providing a link to that game would surely help…
I am assuming you mean this one:

I am not connected to OGS developement in any way, but never have I heard about such a bug. Being a high level player I assume you know that after the game is finished both players need to accept the score and can click on groups to change their alive/death status? My best bet would be one of you accidentaly clicked somewhere and then you both accepted the wrong result.

Nevertheless contacting a moderator (by the convinient call moderator button on the right panel for example) should probably solve the issue.



Appreciate your responding,
you’re right, this is exactly the game I referred to:

I’ve just contacted the moderator as you suggested, and let’s see if the issue can be solved.
Thanks again for your help.

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Pretty sure all you needed to do was click on one of the blue squares before accepting the counting result, and that would have fixed everything.

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The counting system isn’t 100% reliable, it’s up to the players to do a manual count if they believe the system has scored incorrectly. The mods can’t change the result of the game in your match history but they can refund lost points. Next time pay closer attention to the score before accepting it.

ehm isn’t. cough cough


You saw nothing. >_>


So that’s before accepting the counting result, anything I could do now?
I tried clicking the blue squares but nothing happened.

Will the mods refund lost points automatically or do I need to do something to get it?

You just have to tell a mod, usually they are nice enough to do it.