How to review my past games on OGS, and how to change my rank?

Hi all, I found this website today and played two games, lost both, realised i probably set my rank too high, so where can i change it? Also, would like to be able to review the games i played, but don’t know where to find my own past games. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance : )

I looked at the two games and judged your rank to be about 12k. If that’s still not right please inform me!

You can review past games by navigating to the game board and selecting “Review this game” from the sidebar.

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If you are new you might not be aware ,but the OGS icon at the top left of the interface will open a menu that’ll let you navigate to other portions of the site… one of them is your Profile and your Game Library.


Very interesting, as I wasn’t aware of the “My library” link.
However my library is empty (though I’ve played several games). How can I add games to it? Can I add games from other people? Is it possible to add interesting correspondence game that are not yet finished?


“My Library” is where you can upload your own SGF files for games played outside of OGS. You can also arrange them into collections.


Thanks for the quick answer! It would be nice to have a place where we can list the OGS games (ours or not) that we want to study later, but I guess I’ll manage with bookmarks! :slight_smile:

chlorine, If you just start a review from any game it will be listed under your profile. So that’s probably the best way to “bookmark” an interesting game that you’d like to study later.

Also if you can search the server library for player names. I find that helpful to find reviews done of games I’ve played, but were reviewed by someone else.

We definitely want to give some love to the personal Library and have ways for you to bookmark/star/whatever favorite games from other players (for example) and collect them all into some place.

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That will be great, It would be nice if we could put brief comments or descriptions as well.

Thanks for the tip about reviews! I’ll definitely use that. But players who search for reviews by their name will find lots of empty reviews. :wink:

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