How to score points

how do i score in go

You surround empty points of land more efficiently than your opponent. However, while you’re doing that, you must also

  • keep your opponent from efficiently surrounding empty points of land
  • try to capture parts of your opponent’s frameworks
  • try to keep your stones and frameworks from being captured, etc.

So yeah, it’s a big multi-tasking project, but in the end, (aside from some rare corner cases) the one who surrounds the most points of land without stones on them does tend to win.

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Another way:
at some point of the game, you see it’s finished. If I play in your space i will just be captured and there is no more intersection between you and me to occupy.

So: you just put away the prisoners (the stones which can’t survive in the opponent’s territory.

Then you count the space occupied by each (empty+stones) and then you know who has more (the winner)

Is this a question about how to actually add up points and how they’re are different ways - Chinese and Japanese?
I don’t think it’s obvious how a particular game score is arrived at.

Japanese scoring counts surrounded empty intersections plus captured or dead stones (plus Komi for white)

Chinese counts surrounded empty intersections plus stones on the board of your colour but ignores captured or dead stones (plus Komi for white, plus 1 point for each handicap stone in handicap games).

Sorry if this is not at all what was meant!