How to show Kyu

How to show the Kyu of my rival.

I don’t understand your question or request.

when I will play go with someone, I want to know his Kyu before playing. At the moment that kyu was blinded.

Players can choose hide their ranks.

Do you have your rank hidden?

In Settings - > General Settings is hide ranks and ratings like below? If it’s blue, you have them hidden


You can’t choose to hide your own rank from opponents. That functionality doesn’t exist.


I c. I was thinking to use that to sandbagging, so it does not work that way.

Is it that some players do not have a rank yet and only show as [ ? ]?

In which case they are new to the server and could be any rank but I suppose somewhat more likely than not to be in the 30-20k range


When you click on a name (of a rival or anyone else) you get a popup with many options (challenge, send message…)

In this popup if you click again his name you go to his full profile which includes his numbers and graphs rating list of games finished or not, tournaments, ladders…

All the information you can get is there.

And that’s not working here in the forum