How to start a new Battle Royale Go?

I see two Royale battles in progress. Does anyone know how to start a new one?

These games are just organized informally on these forums. The first step is to discuss some rules changes (if any) and then recruit participants via a forums thread.

If you want to play live, you can do so via the variant go server as some have done.

By the way, the first game has finished, so there is only one active game at the moment.


All you wanted to know about rengo, but were afraid to ask.

I think the original poster is referring to this variant, which is not rengo


So how can I start a thread?

You’ve done so, this is a forum thread.


When you use button “new topic” like you did here to post your first message, you’re starting a new “topic” or “thread”. Those two words are mostly synonymous.

Note that when you start a thread, you can specify which “category” you want it to be in. You’ve chosen “OGS development” for this one, which is not entirely appropriate. “Forum games” would be better.

Start a new topic, make the first post of the topic a bit nice, perhaps copy rules from one of the previous two topics.

For the game board, we use either:

Those two online boards don’t save data on a server: instead, the position on the board depends entirely on the url. So anyone can modify the board without fear of breaking anything, then copy-paste the link here on the forum.


Also see this thread for more information about a server dedicated to diplomatic go:

On the two threads that you’ve seen, we are playing relatively slowly, sometimes one move per day or less (which means one move per week per player). We also talk a lot about our moves, explicitly forging alliance or making suggestions to other players.

On the DipGo server I think the games can be played live, without talking. I haven’t tried, though.

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Thanks so much.