How to stop or take profit of a dragon?

hi this is the first time chasing a dragon this long.
could someone review the game please?
any adivces?

thank you.

I am your level, so another higher level player might want to also review it. However, I have my own playstyle and it typically involves baiting an opponent into making a dragon and then either attacking it or killing it. So I probably have more experience then someone without the same playstyle.
3 main points.
Keep the dragon disconnected(you did this well)
Remain strong, and don’t let the dragon attack you. You are the one that is supposed to be attacking, even if it means you have to play a slow move once in a while to stay strong. (you need work on this one)
If both the two points above don’t need attention, limit the dragons space and poke at the eyeshape(you didn’t really get the chance to do this).
I hope I helped!

My take on the dragon fight was pretty different from yours. Maybe it would interest you both of you.

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thankl you very much flamigo!

thank you Mrc, usefull tips!

not that much stronger than you. but for me the secret to chasing the dragon is to

o try to extract as much ancillary value as you can be extending your moyo in sente

o try to leave your attacking stones in a good shape, so that if you fail to capture the whole thing your position doesn’t completely collapse and you reap the benefits of moyo expansion

o read at least a couple moves ahead, even if not the whole thing. if the dragon isn’t going to die after all, and you payed attention to 1 and 2, then you walk away in sente. hopefully your opponent is left barely making two eyes and you ended up with some nice fat groups poking at it from the sides. and then you walk away and take a big point or start chasing another group

if you focus on taking profit and walking away at the right time, the upside can be very dramatic. no, you dont capture the 30 stones, but you can gain an overwhelming territorial advantage.

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Unfortunately this advice won’t help in this game. It really is a do-or-die thing since there is no profit to be gained otherwise. Everything else in the left part of the board is either too small or un-killable aside from the dragon.

This game had more to do with his inadequacy in local moves to kill rather than some big picture profit gaining.